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Dear horse owners and veterinarians,
Just as we are competitive in our lives- whether in careers, sports, or games, so are our equine athletes. Be it a cutting horse workins a tough cow, a jumper sailing over a jump the size of a small house, a dressage horse completing the perfect piaffe, or a race horse digging in for the final stretch, our horse partners are true competitors. Whatever discipline, the horses are our teammates.

Our companion horses that do not compete also sive us a connection and a partnership that is like no other . This connection is what drives us as horse owners , trainers, riders, grooms, and veterinarians. It is the same drive that keeps an equine veterinarian in their truck for a late night emergency call 45 minutes away, impassions a trainer to savings on colic surgery. This drive reflects a lifestyle, a passion, and a privilege. Most people spend their lives looking for a passion, but for horse people it exists within us and we will always have a home with the horses.

This is what drives us at KindredBio - the love of the horse.